I have been asked to speak at the upcoming Annual Conference for YWAM Russia this April 16-20, 2018 in Vladivostok, far east Russia.

I would really love for Deb to join me, but it will cost an extra $830.  I’m already scrambling to fund my own flight.

I looked into sending her by train, it’s only $400, but would take an astounding 14 days of travel.  Sounds like a dream to Deb, isolated with tea and books… but no.

This will be my third trip to Vlad.  Deb has yet to join me. We have several friends that would love to see her as well.

Bronwyn reluctantly offers her last hrvnya (est value $0.04)

We have a week to get her ticket, if she’s to come.  If you’d like to contribute towards it, click here

Thank you for considering!

Please pray for me regardless, for the conference teaching times, the worship, safety of the missionaries traveling from all corners.

Bruce & Deb