This week we received three of the YFM students ‘on mission’ from Minsk.  Adrienne, our only US student will arrive later this week.  I’m excited to see how the Lord uses them build relationships and connect to existing and new students in our town.

Our goal with this team over the next 3 months is to help them see how natural and easy it is to love people.  We will give them space, physically at the Cafe, but also metaphorical room to pray, dream and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.

So many in Christendom think in terms of projects or outreaches when it comes to ‘mission.’ Religion has a 3 step plan to share the good news, with an end goal of getting folks into our organized church and ministries.  Jesus saw people as the end, not just a means.

Please pray for our YFM team!  They will be sharing tomorrow at a local college and inviting students to their first idea – an English club meets creative night for girls only (think hair, nails, make-up, coffee, and lots of silly).

We’ll also be hosting at our guest house this weekend 25 from Steiger Ukraine as they plan & pray.

Few other prayer points!

  • Creative space in Kiev
  • Mir Ministries Leadership (updates)
  • Housing in Kiev for YFM team
  • February student ministry via Lighthouse
  • Lit St. Petersburg, promos, logistics, 3 weeks to go!
  • Parents visit this week

Bruce & Deb