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Wow, 2009?

missile.JPGSo much to update you on, so little time.  Can you believe it’s 2009 already?  Slow down world.  First of all, we do still have gas, for those of you watching the news.  Hopefully it stays on, because it’s below freezing and we don’t have a wood stove… need one of those.   Thank you for your prayers (Crossroads is in the middle of their annual prayer advance).  We look forward to a very cool year, and seeing God work in and through our lives.  This past week we’ve had my parents from Canada visiting, it’s been a lot of fun.  They are very excited to get back home to familiar conditions (milk, cheese, bread, bed, to name a few).  It’s always neat to watch visitors, especially family, squirm amidst the cultural differences…  My dad has enjoyed the rural setting, eyeing up come tractors, land and even a John Deere combine that seemed to make his day.  My mom hasn’t done much shopping, watch out Sears.

I need to run, but I will update prayer requests, and let you know what else has been happening very soon.  The family is doing well, kids are relishing the new toys from the grandparents, and we are glad Christmas is finally over. 

For now enjoy a few pics of our family outting to the War museum in Kiev!







  1. paula

    Deb…just as beautiful as ever. Sure do miss you.


  2. Lorrie

    Brrr-looks cold. Its around 8 degrees here in Comox and I find that cold! I can relate to being glad Christmas is over, its a lot of work with 6 or more children 🙂 It’s a little hard to get them back into the routine, but nice. Good to hear you have gas. Love to the fam! xoxoo

  3. Papa

    Well ,were back home.Looking at those pictures,sure brings back the fond memories of our trip.
    God has placed you there with a wonderful support group of believers.
    And what a special people the Ukraines are.
    Thanks,Bruce and Deb and children,for our reality check on life,

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