IMG_8145Last Sunday evening we hosted an evening of Worship and Prayer on our 2nd floor at The Lighthouse.  I wanted to document a few of the highlights, it’s so easy to forget what God does!

First of all, hosting the evening was an act of faith.  The last time we were hosting prayer at the Cafe was in the Spring and we had the luxury of the talented and Jesus loving YWAM team to draw on.  I had no idea who would lead us, or if we’d even have anyone show up.  However, my Cuban friend Rafael spurred me on by the Holy Spirit to step out and ‘just do it’.  How many are thankful for those type of friends?!

Soon after we set the date, Nazar from nearby Calvary Chapel church in Khagarlyk agreed to lead with Bronwyn.  Then, our friends in Kiev decided on their own to join the evening, bringing not just 10 young people, but some very appreciated voice and drum support 🙂

IMG_8155It was surreal to feel as though our springtime worship nights had never stopped!  From the beginning to end, we believe the Lord ministered to His people through prayer, song and meditation.   We had around 30 again, but this time we had some first time visitors!

One visitor was a young university student from Kiev that came with some friends.  She and her family are Muslim.  The Lord touched her during the evening, and she asked for prayer later on.  Please pray for her today!

Two other visitors were local friends that are respected young men in the community as civic / social leaders.  They came out of curiosity (and facebook), and ended up staying for most of the evening – they both expressed a positive impact in their hearts as they watched and listened to (in their words) “from the heart” corporate singing and prayer for Ukraine and it’s leaders/situation around us.  Maybe God use these evenings to reach more with His love!

I’m praying about the next worship night.  On one hand I don’t want to simply rinse/repeat these evenings, it’s so easy to become ritual’d (is that a  word?) into things.  Yet, when you see the Lord actively touch hearts, you don’t want to miss an opportunity to see the Kingdom of God grow!

Please pray for wisdom as we consider the next evening of Prayer and Worship, or whatever the Lord may direct us to do in this area.

We’re also praying for more team members to come and join us – maybe full time, maybe part time, or maybe just as we host each event – we know we can’t do it on our own but we can’t be limited by what we see, it’s just not how the Kingdom of God works!