Tonight we finished our evenings of worship and prayer, at least officially.   As I sit and type what is hopefully a short update, I’m filled with gratitude for the things God has been stirring in my heart.   19 times we gathered on the 2nd floor of the Cafe, led each time by a different group of worshippers, huddled together with a different mix of visitors.

God has ways of surprising us.  We catch glimpses of His heart, what ‘could’ be, but often give up believing He can, or even wants to accomplish those things.  For several years I’ve been aching to see a genuine, passionate gathering of Ukrainian worshippers move into deeper levels of intercession and the presence of God.  It has been a hunger in our hearts personally first and foremost.   We tasted some of this during our last trip to the US – and it was as if God was solidifying this prayer, telling us, “It’s ok to trust me for this, I want this too!”

Fast forward to the past month.  God brought us Kingdom resources in the form of humble worshippers, talented and willing.  They came prepared in heart, desirous to see God work in new ways in our town and in Ukraine.  What we witnessed over the past month, to us, has been nothing short of a miracle.  On most nights, representatives from 3-4 churches gathered.   It wasn’t about a specific church, it was about THE church, the fragile, young, but alive body in our area focusing on worship of our King.   We didn’t go around advertising like you normally might (or I might!), but believing God would draw by His Spirit those that He wanted to encourage.

I can’t remember a time in the past 20yrs, dating back to our time in Bible School, when God’s near presence, accompanied by His voice was so evident.  Beyond the pretty voices, and anthems that echoed for periods of 15-20 minutes at a time, the Holy Spirit refreshed, convicted, encouraged, and taught.   It was interesting how first timers would come, enjoy the music/atmosphere but almost cautiously watch for the first half, but then after they let down their guards, God touched them.  Whether it was expressed through tearful emotion, or a genuine firm handshake, God drew and blessed a large majority of believers in our area through the worship nights.

God was gracious to us.  Gracious in sending us laborers to serve for a short season to spark these worship nights.  Gracious in revealing His power, love and hope through the ministry of the Holy Spirit in unique ways over the 4 weeks.   It has left me very thankful, and hungry for more.  That ‘more’ however, isn’t necessarily through more of the same – rather more of God working in whatever vehicle or format He wants – more of God’s wonder, more of His glory revealed  – this world, this town and area, it needs wondrous believers – in wonder over the Greatness and Love of our Savior.

May God continue to bless and work through the remaining 3-4 weeks!  We have several outreaches lined up including:

– Khargalyk Worship Night this Sunday
– Khargalyk Concert Outreach in two weeks
– All church worship June 7
– Kiev YWAM Worship Night
– Christian Life Church Worship Service (Kiev)
– Some music in the park events (and hopefully beach, here locally)
– Student Final Event/Concert next week

So while our evenings of consecutive worship have come to an end – we ask for your continued prayer support for these (and more) events.  May God continue to strengthen the faith of believers, and open hearts (awaken!) to the reality of His presence and love to all those who haven’t bowed their knee to Christ.

Thank you to all that served, sacrificed and helped pull off the last 4 weeks!