FullSizeRender-5I just returned from the Cafe.  I can’t tell you how fulfilling it is to see families and students enjoying the warm, festive atmosphere.

It gets dark around 4pm here, and only a handful of buildings have heat on – everyone is conserving because the costs have escalated since the relations with Russia have been fractured.  Ukraine is beat up, still at war, the economy devastated from years of corruption.  Now it’s feeling the effects of not snuggling up with the Russian bear.  It’s a cold reality for many.

IMG_2711We have installed electric heating units for the second floor, as well as new triple pane windows for additional warmth.  Tomorrow our pellet burning stove arrives, it was our families Christmas present to our customers.  We are really excited about it – it will be installed  in our main dining room, with the hopes of providing enough heat for guests (and staff!) to take off their coats in the coming blistery winter days.  It won’t however be enough for the 2nd floor – we’ll have to keep running electric as well.

Heating is taken for granted outside of Ukraine.  We see this when we visit North America.  We go through culture shock how stable and prosperous everything is.  For us, and the Lighthouse Cafe, heat means open doors, and continued customers.  It means English Clubs continue to meet, and youth gather in the evenings.  Heat means families gather, and relationships evolve.  Heat brings hope, love, and joy.   In a cold and dark atmosphere, this Lighthouse has another incredible opportunity this winter.

Our Appeal!

Help us heat the Lighthouse this winter!  Last year a handful of friends and family blessed the Cafe with enough to get us through.  This winter, we now have 2 floors active, essentially doubling our costs to stay warm.  This is exciting because we’re growing, but so are our needs.

Jr. English Club

Jr. English Club

A donation of $25 is a huge blessing.  Please don’t consider any amount too small.  Our monthly heating costs will easily exceed $700 each of the next three months.   We don’t have this additional money as the Cafe already takes up to 50% of our personal support. We need outside help.

Please consider  a gift to help us stay warm!  Our family (thanks to some generous grandparents) will be traveling next week to Canada for Christmas, then to the US to visit many of you.  The staff here is ready and ministries will continue while we are gone.

Click Here to Donate!

Thank you in advance!

Bruce & Deb