What a joy these ladies are.  They range in age from 40, to 95.  Our team is continuing to monthly visit, pray with and keep them in community.  Each time we meet together, which we try to do every few months, they open up even more and show their personality, as well as their faith.

Our prayer time yesterday was really cool.  They gathered in groups, many holding hands, and praying for quite a long time.  I circled the room laying hands on many of them, and more than once one of them interrupted my prayer to ask me to pray for specific things.

There were a few moments during our time where several were moved to tears, and many others with watery eyes.  Tender, open to love, and hope in Jesus.  I shared about hope, about the power of memories (looking back) but the incredible future when hope is in Christ.

I was a bus driver this time, and ventured into places my van should never have gone.  Think small mountains, pathways not used by cars for years.. but we had to get close enough to some of their houses because they can barely walk.  I was floored by how some of them are living, once again, incubated in my nice ‘american’ style house, so easy to become unaware of the conditions around us.

Several of the ladies like to tease me.  My funny accent.  I’m strange to them, but they sure do love hugs and talking about their gardens.  Some of them speak such an old mix of Ukrainian and Russian it’s hard to understand much.  I laughed at one of them, she was so short, she could stand in my van and wanted to stand behind me and just keep chatting.  She had sparkles in her eyes, I think she was, and is still a rascal 🙂

We want to expand this ministry into Minsk in the fall.  We need some sponsors to help us, we have a little funds but not enough to help more than a couple widows each month.  If anyone would like to sponsor fully at $40/mo or half at $20/mo, know that every penny goes to food, these ladies know how to stretch everything, they are survivors and EXTREMELY thankful.

Blessings to you!

Bruce & Deb