We gathered on October 2-3 for a refreshing weekend with +40 volunteer leaders from around Ukraine and Belarus. These volunteers represent over 30 villages and a visitation and food+medical care program that is now reaching 500 widows each month!

For so many of the volunteers, they give and give, but rarely if ever are served themselves. It was a joy to provide space for relaxed fellowship, intentional discussion groups, prayer and teaching on the importance of taking care of your own soul (Matthew 11:28-30). He leads us each, if we let him, to green pastures, and his hope, if we let him, to restore our souls!

Thank you World Challenge for providing us with the trust and resources to bring Jesus loving, kingdom influence into Slavic culture. We were also able to send the volunteers back with over 100 Audio Bibles in Russian and Ukrainian, chalked full of popular babushka music and sermons.

Please take a moment to visit our Widow’s Story page, for updates on incredible testimonies and difficult situations for the widow that are hard to imagine – you can join this ministry by praying for these widows, and once you read some of their stories, I believe you will be moved to do just that! Click Here to Visit

What a privilege to host a conference like this, and a joy to watch the Holy Spirit nourish, connect and breath fresh vision into our team. It was a lot of work, our team worked for many weeks planning, and preparing for this event – I believe it is the first of many future uniting weekends for missional collaboration and leadership development.

Into the world our Creator so loves, and came to restore!

Enjoy the photos 🙂 Bruce & Deb

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