Every week a group of 8-12yr old kids meet to study and practice English.  The class is led by Sveta.  She is a creative gem who decided to do a theme night – Alice in Wonderland.   She employed several of the Club 180 students to dress up as characters from the book/movie, including Noah and Deb as Alice.

Immediately following the tea party, we met again with students at Club 180, a consistent 15-20 are gathering and every week it seems one or two more are added.  We shared about being vessels – the significance of housing eternity (Spirit of God) in mere physical flesh by faith.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 2.05.38 PMWe used two glass pitchers to illustrate – one filled with dirty garbage, the other with pure water.   We are given this free gift of new life in Christ, the divine exchange.  Yet, we are now in a battle to remain in Him – not listening to the enemies lies, we are new creatures by faith.

I’m a visual thinker.  My prayer has been for God to give us life-lasting impressions for these students.  Please pray for them – we believe they will do great things for their generation if they continue to look to Him.

Our family has been rocked by sickness the past week.  Like dominoes each of our children have been down for 3-4 days.  The carnage of immobile bodies throughout the house has been something to behold.  Adding to the oddity has been our internet being disconnected (long story).   We’ve been gathering around the fireplace at night, forced to socialize ‘in person’.   Deb and I were joking how we’ll all remember ‘that time we were sick and didn’t have any internet’.   Strange days we live in.

Bruce & Deb