What is man?

“What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him?”  Psalm 8:4

We’re giving God thanks this week for caring for us, here’s a few ways He has:

  • Apartment in Kiev while our house is finished.  Complete with toys for the kids.
  • Money to rent a car while our 40ft container (with my truck) is somewhere on the Atlantic.
  • Delaying our container now 2 months and teaching us to surrender.
  • Russian lessons we’re having 3x’s per week while in Kiev.
  • Knowledge of public transportation in Kiev and familiarity with the big city.
  • Keeping us all healthy.
  • Blessing Cypress with an amazing group of friends and brothers in Christ.
  • A church body in Texas that is investing in our family with love, prayer and finances.
  • Friends like you that check in and send prayer our way.
  • A harvest all around us and the privilege of co-laboring with Christ, for His glory.

It’s so easy to start complaining.  I feel the tempation every day.  This has been a difficult transition from the former life we had, we had it so very easy. But in difficulty or trial God’s word and comfort is often the clearest.  God help us all to be quick to spot Your loyal hand in our lives and praise you for being mindful of us!


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