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What do you drink?


We’re not big soft drink fans.  Thanks to my wife and her healthier ways, she’s kept our family from binging on the sugary stuff.  But… who doesn’t like an icy glass of Coke or Pepsi with their slice of greasy pizza?

We are making good progress this week with the Cafe.  Dema started this week and we were able to track down both Coke and Pepsi regional distributors.  We have appointments lined up for this coming week, reviewing their products and marketing materials.

I personally want Pepsi.  Somehow, early on in life, we pick our brands don’t we?  I’m not sure how it happens, but it does.  Maybe it was a commercial, or a sports figure I saw drinking it.  Wasn’t it Michael Jackson that burnt his hair on a Pepsi commercial.. that was pretty cool.  In any case, I lean towards them for taste as well.  But the biggest determinant is what the vendors can supply by way of service, and products.


This is Ukraine.  If you are reading this blog, that’s nothing new.  The corruption isn’t new to you either so I won’t belabor it.  It’s amazing though, even with international products like Coke or Pepsi, the rich control the landscape.  The distributors that sell don’t make commission like they do in the west – no incentive to service and compete.  They each have marketing products to help their customers sell like tents, chairs, glasses, signage, fridges.. but here, you need to have ‘connections’ to get the stuff!  Can you believe it?  We told them we wanted some tents, they each told us to get in line, behind the rich Kiev businessman that hog the wares.

We’re deciding this week regardless.  Signing a contract with whoever gives us the best deal.  The nice thing is that each provides juice, water and other healthier alternatives.  Pizza and water?  A slice of pizza with juice.. ?  Sorry, that’ll be a hard thing to do, even with my wife giving me the look 😉




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  1. mom

    gotta have pepsi, make sure there is diet to go with that non fat greasey pizza!

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