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We’ve Got It!

It’s done. You have no idea how long I’ve waited to type that sentence:) The cafe property has been purchased, documents are completed and keys in hand!

Svetlana worked very hard all last week preparing the documents. It ended up being 6 separate purchases, 2 buildings and 4 pieces of land, a lot of extra paperwork for anyone that has ever tried to purchase in Ukraine. We are so thankful this was completed before the end of the year, and can now rest a bit before jumping into the project.

This week the entire church has been busy preparing for the upcoming Christmas Play we are putting on for the town this Sunday.  We have 20 cast members, lights, stage help, sound, and a fearless director in my father-in-law Neil.  It has been slowly coming together, we have a full practice again tomorrow night.  I’ve been in charge of the other aspects of the evening like making sure people come and trying to heat this silly building!  It’s currently about -12 C / 13F, and whatever the temp is outside, that is what it is inside this theater…

We plan to use a new heater that we helped the city purchase (in exchange for a year of rental of buildings downtown for outreach or church).  Together with that special heater, and a few of our own, we’re praying we can get the temp to a bearable state.  If not, we’ll rip up some of the old wood floor and set it on fire, it will be romantic!

*Deb and Mom snuggle during play practice.

Must go, praising God for new building, and aiming prayers toward spring/summer groups to come and help us renovate and provision for all the materials.  God’s got us this far!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Dana

    hip hip hooray!!! very exciting!

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