photo 1-1Our family is headed off to Canada for the month of December.  It’s been 2yrs since we’ve traveled across the Atlantic as a family – and we’re remembering why.. this is a lot of work!

With the Cafe still in limbo with Gas / Heat, we figured it was a grand opportunity to get some rest and make some memories.  The kids finished their last day of school today, and are beyond excited.

Deb has been furiously packing for the crew of 9, and Cheryl (the resident angel to many) cleaning and helping.

Snack Prep for the Plane.

Snack Prep for the Plane.

Gena and Viktor, showing us the newly purchased property.

Gena and Viktor, showing us the newly purchased property.

This past week we were really encouraged by a few brothers in Christ that are leading a ministry called, “Hope For Orphans”.  I will share more about this later, but wanted to include a couple photos.

They have bought 20 hectares of property just north of us (3 km) that they intend to develop for a variety of Christian ministries, including discipleship/Christian Camping in the spring.  It was cool to hear their heart, vision and gather local missionaries together to be encouraged at what God is orchestrating for His glory.  God is building His church, a people called out, separated from the world, but distinct and changing it from within.

The work of God is consuming.  It is greater than our individual efforts, callings, passions and gifts.  We are instruments in this great Kingdom work, and involved anytime we, as believers make ourselves available.   This past season our hearts have desired working with more like-minded believers, those with a passion for the Kingdom and specifically church planting.  It’s so encouraging to find others seeking out the same thing.  We believe 2014 will mark some steps towards the formation of a discipleship training school or center and more travel, including Russia as God opens doors.

Please pray with us towards this end.   We believe God has put this desire to raise up, disciple and send young men and women in this part of the world in a more strategic fashion.

Being around folks like Gena and Viktor fuel this desire and faith that God is doing the impossible in Ukraine, and bringing together resources to advance the life changing message of Jesus Christ.  He is the Good Shepherd, leading, providing, protecting, correcting, and encouraging.    Lord lead us.

Our kids teachers meeting to give us an update - mostly good news :)

Our kids teachers meeting to give us an update – mostly good news 🙂

Every day when we go to the Ukrainian school, the kids run and jump in and around my van. They are sweet kids.  The girls from the orphanage absolutely adore Deb, and lunge into her with tight hugs.

We’re going to miss them, but happy that some friends of ours here are going to try and love on them as well while we are away.  They get so bored out there with nothing to do, especially on the weekends.

Here’s a taste of my view several times per week when visiting or picking up the kids.

We will update again in a few weeks, from Canada – please continue to pray for the Cafe documents (city council made mistakes and redoing), and Gas/heat.  When asking what the delay was for them to get working on it, they simply responded, “You took so long to pay the bill, now you need to wait.”  Such is the nature of business in this part of the world.  If you don’t give a bribe, things can take an eternity – but we believe this place will have a testimony that will outlast these momentary hurdles.

Thanks for checking in! If you are in Prince Edward County area and would like to connect, give me a call at my parents or email me