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We’re Off!

Well, it’s late Wednesday evening, and we leave in the morning for Texas.  I haven’t even started packing.  We’ve been busy Monday/Tuesday registering this business, waiting in lines, running in circles, and getting stamps.  Today we went to Kiev to meet with the owner of, get this, over 20 buildings here in RZ… a partnership of certain fellows ‘somehow’ managed to end up with all these buildings, in many towns like RZ, during the fall of communism.  We had a nice meeting, shared our desire for the development of a “Family Center”, the rest is up to God, as we continue to trust and pray for His will.  Join us!

We just finished our first Home Group with the Christians here, split between Dan’s house and ours.  It was good, we studied “What God’s Word says about God’s Word”, as a basis for scriptures ultimate authority moving forward.  I pray that we are encouraged, and challenged in the days ahead to more accurately handle God’s truth.

Well, must be packing, please keep in your prayers this week:

– Deb, my wife. She will be managing the home, 6 kids, and general anarchy that is life in Ukraine without me for 10 days.
– Travel safety and connections, luggage to make it, all those things we take for granted.. until stuff falls apart:).
– Fruitful meetings during the week.

Thank you all that encourage and have been keeping up with us.  We love you-


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  1. Judy Tomasino

    Safe travel and return! and all good wishes and prayers to Deb holding down the fort!
    be well, God bless,

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