I don’t like not having time to blog.  You’ll have to trust there is a lot going on keeping me from it!  🙂  Here are some photo updates from the past couple of weeks.  I’m not able to share much specifically, but please do be praying for the upcoming worship event!

Brent turned 16.. he’s at the gym next to the campus almost daily. Making new friends as well which is great.

Claire turned 3yrs old. What a joy, she was very excited to blow out the candles.

We have begun connecting with university students and doing some cultural and language activities.

We are required to do some cultural ‘tours’ as part of our visa. It’s interesting, and also sad the amount of tragedy and events in their history.

Excited for Vova and Nadya, they were married last week! They are both serving with us at Lighthouse with the youth.

Incredible building, atmosphere and acoustics. The Minsk Philharmonic.

I love all the statues and art around the City. This is outside a Catholic Church.

Clark hurt his foot, he was days hopping around, thankfully it was not broken – but we got an afternoon in our first hospital here… um.


Cool news:
– I’m off to pick up Bo for a visit this week.
– International Russian night was a huge hit, over 60 turned out.
– We’re enjoying seeing some creative things begin, and relationships with YFM students deepen.

Prayer Requests:
– Upcoming worship event.  Still some needs there.
– My US business, for wisdom as we’re considering some big decisions.
– For continued safety and health.
– For Lighthouse Cafe and staff – we need some wisdom there too with some things.

Thanks for checking in!


For more specific updates, email us your address 🙂
Bruce & Deb