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Webcast Success!


Thank you for any prayer sent this way for the Webcast this past Wednesday. The meeting lasted 45 minutes and was as smooth as you could hope for considering all the technology involved to stream live video between Kilgore, Texas and Rzshichiv, Ukraine. The meeting was scheduled for 8:30am in Texas, which was 4:30pm here in Ukraine. We got a little bit of a scare when at 4:28pm the lights went out.. literally, in all of Rzshichiv the power went out minutes before our official start! Fortunately everything kicked back on minutes later and we started on time. It’s a regular occurrence here in town, when your power goes out (2-3 times per week) it usually means somebody is getting work done, I think it’s ‘all on’ or ‘all off’ around here.

The Mayors exchanged a few ceremonial gifts on behalf of both cities, then we were introduced to other department heads from both communities. Daniel did the translation during the meeting, thank you sir! I was impressed with the overall attitude of joy, and interest. They are so dramatically different in terms of history and culture, but still face similar challenges they could identify with. The big difference between the two cultures are their respective histories… Kilgore’s starts around the early 1900’s and the Oil Boom in the early 30’s. RZ however has a series of histories, dating back to (they say) 3000k BC… it’s a hotbed of archeological activity as they continue to find out more about their ancient past. This was also an important trade route for merchants traveling back and forth from the East and Greece, once the center of the world. The area has been invaded a number of times, Mongols, under Kiev rule, Russian occupation, it’s amazing to think of the amount of history a student would have to study over here to get an A :).

The Kilgore Paper had the event on their front page:

Thank you everyone who helped make it happen and promoted it.

CBS 19 the local TV affiliate also covered it, I will try and post the video for you tomorrow.

We are discussing a possible Christmas outreach downtown, perhaps a free dinner of some kind. It could be a very special thing as it would garner a lot of interest, this sort of thing is not common here at all. We will keep you posted on the details, I think we need to serve the community and show the love of Christ, taking advantage of the season.

On a family note, we went to the Kiev Circus last week with the family. The kids loved it, lions, tigers and bears. Andrei Murzin and his family invited us and was great to visit with them again. Cassie stayed in Kiev with them and was brave enough to take the Marshrutka home two days later.




No snow yet, but the kids are praying for it sooner than later. Gaven found a turkey at the market last week, a rare find that we ‘gobbled’ up and purchased.. it was pretty pricey but we have to have turkey for thanksgiving! We are meeting next Thursday with several other American missionary families for dinner.

“but thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.” 1 Cor 15:57

We are a thankful people!




  1. Dana

    we sure miss you guys.

  2. Judy

    well done! would love to see the video!
    be well, God bless.

  3. papa

    Bruce that webcast idea was great. You have made inroads into the community.
    Love the circus photos,
    Dad ps Im starting to plan my food for my suitcase,any requests?

  4. Emily

    Hey guys, how did the circus go? It looks like it would be pretty fun! I miss you all so much and hope to see you soon. How’s life in the Ukraine? Better than Texas? I hope your doing well. Catch you later! Emily

  5. bonnie Walters

    My Dad was so excited to read about the meeting between countries in the Longview paper and find out our very own Bruce Crowe is connected with the whole operation. You make us proud around here Bruce!
    Hear you got that snow earlier rather than later! I’m jealous. Pray for you guys often.

  6. Chris Bennett

    You’re a stud, Bruce. Merry Christmas, my brother.

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