A big shout out to everyone that gave and prayed for the Cafe this past month. We raised $3,750 towards the tables and chairs, and another $2,000 from our home church Crossroads towards the Kitchen to finish up remaining materials to open. Received gifts from friends, family from US and Canada, even a farmer friend from western Ukraine we’ve not yet met!

We’re still working with the local bank to receive the funds, but are extremely excited to go to Kiev and start shopping!

We’ll be taking pictures and showing you all what your generosity produces. This cafe is going to be a beach head for ministry in our town, particularly among the 1000’s of students that flood our town each year – for many years to come! We’re very excited about what God is doing in two of the technicums, providing favor and open hearts.

This past Wednesday we had our first bible study at the Cafe for those wanting to take ‘the next step’ with Christ. Two students came, both from the paintball weekend. It was a privilege to give one of them their first bible, and take them through some passages on sin, forgiveness, and grace. Our hearts are envisioning dozens, if not hundreds of students taking the same step towards God, and this building being a place not only of great fellowship, coffee and pizza for the town, but of discipleship of young men and women.

First things first for us, keep pressing into Russian.

Please continue to pray with us for the remaining documents necessary to open a registered business in our town, as well as the students meeting Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights. Also pray for Deb this weekend as she hosts the second Wives meeting, we want to see more unbelievers, or I should say at least one!