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Vlad Update

We’re sad to inform everyone that Vlad’s appeal was rejected. Please continue to pray for Vlad’s faith, and his hurting family. It’s unclear what his next steps may be, however for now he’ll continue serving his unjust sentence.

No Christian cliches, no comfort in the wicked seemingly having their way. We grieve, and we pray for God to free Vlad, or do something even greater.

This morning I read where Mary & Martha were upset that Jesus didn’t come and heal Lazarus at the specific time they asked.. Jesus delayed, and now it was too late, Lazarus was dead. The Jews began questioning Christ too, wondering how He could open the eyes of the blind, yet not heal his friend? Faith was tested, and hearts were sad.

The story ends in victory however, the confines of the tomb did not sway the power of God. How excellent are His ways, which we can only see in part. We continue to trust in the same Father who loves Vlad.

More than ever, Vlad’s faith will be challenged, heightening the spiritual battle surrounding the situation. Now is the time to pray, trust and not loose heart. Luke 18:1

Bruce & Deb


  1. Tim Schwab

    I have enjoyed reading your blog and pray the lord blesses your ministry there.I am farming in the L’viv area this year and wonder if you know of any similar believers there.I am from Indiana and farm here in the USA.Keep up the great effort bless the lord with your labors of love for the Ukanians!!

    • admin

      Thanks Tim! We have some Mennonite farmer friends about 20 minutes from here. Email me sometime at and tell us about your family and farming! Appreciate the encouragement:) Bruce & Deb

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