I’m writing from Texas, the last day here before I board 1 of 5 flights back to Ukraine.  Deb is wrapping up time with her sister and parents in Colorado.  She’ll meet me en route back to our kids in Ukraine.

We’ve spent the last week in the US.  It’s been a whirlwind trip but we’re extremely thankful for everyone that made the trip possible, both here and in Ukraine.  We’re reminded just how precious the gift of life is, our family, friends, we are rich indeed.

While here, we found out that our Criminal Record check for Ukrainian Residence was rejected by the authorities, and we had to get new fingerprints in the US.  This was a big blessing from God because we were already here and able to do this in time for our return tomorrow (Tuesday).

Please pray with us for the following:

– Heather (Deb’s Sister) and her 3 beautiful children as they work through the pain of losing Jon.
– The Burke family (Crossroads friends) for their loss of their baby girl and father in law from a tragic car accident.
– The Footes, fellow missionary friends in neighboring town that are working through some tragic news.
– Vlad – we continue to remember our brother unjustly sentenced in prison, his wife Vika and young toddler son Matthew.

In light of these prayers above, it seems unimportant to highlight some other prayer requests but they are still things that we feel helpless against, and need God for:

– My permanent residence to complete before August 1 and Deb’s to be submitted before November 1 to avoid more travel and many other complications.

– Cafe finances to complete.  We need about $4k to get tables/chairs, and a number of documents to be approved that are out of our hands right now.  Work on the cafe is currently on hold until God provides more funds.

Thank you for checking in,

Bruce & Deb