So close, yet so far away.

So close, yet so far away.

Still no gas.  They’ve brought the pipe within inches of our furnace and ovens, but not connected them.  We are now daily requesting the bill for the metal pipes they installed so we can pay it, which puts the onus back on them to finish.  Been a solid week of waiting for the bill.  Once we pay it, they are telling us they will turn on the gas for a ‘test week’, then turn it off and we need more paperwork, including an installed gas alarm system which they provide minimal details to.

I read today that in Madagascar it takes over a year for businesses to get electricity.  We are in year 2 not just to activate ‘new’ gas line, but simply switch it from private to business.

The Cafe has remained open the past two weeks despite random daily electricity shut offs.  Yesterday we had the power go out in our home and Cafe three times, for 2hrs at noon, 2hrs at supper time, and 30 minutes at 11pm.   Tonight we have a concert at the Cafe, and are planning to not have electricity – generator will power coffee machine, rest by candle light.  Wednesday nights we get a lot of students – so we’re looking forward to a unique evening!

Bronwyn getting creative without electricity - toast by candle light.

Bronwyn getting creative without electricity – toast by candle light.

We leave in less than a week.  I feel for those who will have to endure daily power outages.  The worst part is that the government has not communicated when it shuts off, so you can’t plan.  It’s hard to believe they can’t at least provide a schedule for its citizens beyond a simple ‘it could go off in these times daily’.  Our hearts and minds will be here during our trip to Canada/US for the next two months.

Bruce & Deb