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Understanding Russia – Funny Little Video

We are enjoying (staying out of as much as possible) 30C/90F temps this week, hottest of the year. Everyone is hoping for rain to water their thirsty gardens. Many people are traveling in and out of RZ, summer truly is the time that people do the most moving around. Our two middle boys are going to camp again next week, then our two oldest the following week. We are going to try and go away for a few days with the family to see a bit more of Ukraine. Not sure where yet but determined to get a little more mobile ourselves.

Starting a new bible study next week. Will be teaching through the book of John verse-by-verse, looking forward to it. Sometimes more than the actual content itself, learning ‘how’ to study the bible can be such a liberating experience for believers. When the bible stops being a magic genie and starts making sense, I think our faith becomes meaningful (and helpful!).

I want to praise God for two donations that came in this week for the Cafe. First, a $2500 amount from our faithful home church at Crossroads in Longview, TX. You guys rock! Then yesterday, a generous $330 gift from someone we’ve never met, who visited our site and blessed us. We also heard from Times Square Church and they confirmed they will be sending a team July 20, the actual size is not finalized but for sure 5-6, perfect size for a construction team. They are also sending over a very generous amount of money to help toward the materials used that week.

Thanks for stopping in, appreciate your prayers and support –
Bruce & Deb


  1. dorothy crowe

    Thanks Bruce for the video.Knowing your own struggles you guys have had,it is so true.
    Great to hear about the support coming in.People sense your sincere heart towards the people,and know you can sqeeze the dollar to go far.
    Very long week here,getting the corn planted.The US is short millions of acres due to wet weather also.Food prices are about to skyrocket!
    Wish we could see you guys this summer.
    Love you all,

  2. Kevin Shelley

    Funny video… I guess we could have one in America too… just has funny is a different way!

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