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Ukrainian History

“Ukraine was caught between Stalin and Hitler, between planned famines and outright slaughter, to be relieved only by the grinding misery of post-Stalin communism.”

– George Friedman

As foreigners, we’re in a constant state of learning.  Culture is an amazing dynamic isn’t it?  The longer we are in Ukraine the greater the appreciation we have for the freedoms back west.  Totalitarian dictators, devastating wars, and a history of abusive power has seem to all but sniff out the hope of a thriving middle class here in our new world.  This is the first thing that strikes me when I re-visit back to North America; the strength and dominion of the middle class.  A country that lacks it like Ukraine, suffers from the two extremes, very rich, and very poor (and the rich like it that way!).

This is a very well written (in my opinion) article on Ukraine’s past, and current state of affairs.  If you are interested, take a read!

I find the history of Ukraine fascinating because it not only provides a contextual backdrop for the ‘why’ things are here, but it gives hope.  Hope that the reality of God’s love through the coming of His Son is VERY good news to the oppressed, and needy.  The eternal perspective of everlasting life, of the destruction of sin being ultimately destroyed, and justice winning in the end, is a new kind of story here, and one I long to share and live effectively.

I also really enjoyed this speech, it’s on the current state of the European Union, and the freedoms being potentially denied as it struggles to continue it’s authority.  When you hear someone speak like this, doesn’t it inspire you?

Bruce & Deb

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  1. dorothy crowe

    that was something, nice to hear the truth spoken with such conviction, he made a lot of enemies i’m sure….

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