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Ukraine Mayors Visit Texas

More specifically, they stopped in for lunch and a tour of our offices at Cypress Interactive / EDsuite.  A group of Ukrainian Mayors were in Texas this week for Economic Development training and networking.  Through a friend that works closely with Ukraine relations in Washington, we were able to host the group for lunch this past Wednesday at our office in Kilgore, Texas.

The Mayor of Kilgore and several other public servants joined the party as we fed them lunch and shared what we do at Cypress.  I was able to Skype in via Video Conference, and share about my family, and what we are doing specifically in RZ along with our friends here.  I encouraged them to contact me when they get back to Ukraine to learn more about how we could potentially work in their town as well, under the umbrella of social services, promoting marriage, family and Christian ethics.  I shared about our desired Family Center project, and that if they had any available land they would like to donate for this purpose, I would be help them connect with like minded Christians, churches and businesses in America.  This touches on more of our long term heart in Ukraine/Russia, to simply connect.  It would to start working in other communities after we have a family center established here.  I have this thought in my head about taking a team of individuals that will help to build, setup, and train Christians in other towns to operate similar facilities.  Working side-by-side with the community, not as a sect under a lampstand, but a bright shining light for the gospel, out in the open, normalizing Christianity.

We’ll see how it goes.  One of the mayors said he’d take me to Bookavil, which is a very pricey ski resort in the Carpathian mountains.  That would be sweet, I’m going to follow up with that man!  The guys at work enjoyed the culture experience, and did me proud.  They said a few of them took my business card, so pray that I get some leads, these are serious inroads into entire communities that would otherwise be very difficult.  Pray for the Mayors, what they experienced and saw during this past week it going to have some serious lasting impressions, and they could all be very good ones, used by the Lord over here.


[Andrew explains to the Ukrainian Mayors how he designs and programs websites, right Andrew? 🙂 ]


[ Our Cypress / EDsuite team with the delegates.  Can you tell who is American or Ukrainian?]

So, praise God the internet worked, we met some potential new contacts over here.  Pray God would lead them to contact us, even if it’s just for a lunch meeting, it’s all about relationships.



  1. stephanie

    I think the guy in the way back with glasses on looks like a Ukrainian.

  2. nana

    Troy wrote: Wow Bruce, very good. I’m impressed by how bold you are in proclaiming your values. Your not veiling your faith with a strictly social agenda. I’m sure your walk is an inspiration to other Christians around you.

  3. lorriemae

    that’s so cool! send some mayors here to Canada next time, we live next to ours 🙂

  4. nana

    From Dad,
    That is really something.God is doing what no man could.
    Too bad you could not have been there,but what an oppourtunity to meet mayors.
    That is incredible,
    Praise God,
    Love Dad

  5. trevor

    Very encouraging to read Bruce! -Trevor

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