In reading Christianity Encountering World Religions, the author makes this statement, “Paul, in effect, was fighting two battles, a frontline battle with the Gentiles, and a rearguard action with his own constituency” (Muck, 80).

Right from the onset, the missional heart of God face two challenges – those from without, and those within. It’s encouraging to know this march, this mystery revealed in the formation of the Church throughout history is birthed through trial. The world doesn’t lay out a red carpet, and the people of God prefer comfort and security.

Sometimes we can become weary, and even question whether our efforts are meaningful when they don’t produce the kind of results we might consider as successful. Maybe we should be embracing the trial, the objections of the world and religion, and high-fiving those who’ve gone before and encountered the same things. It was Jesus, after all, who led the way in this regard, rejected by all of humanity, with a resounding slam of the 9 inch nail.