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Tuesday, October 8th

These bikes are common around town.  They remind me of old WWII movies, but we see them in color.

Deb’s parents flew back to NYC on Monday.  They seemed to enjoy themselves, even though they awoke each morning to a herd of grandchildren.  It was a great help to have extra hands in the kitchen, especially when preparing for guests or home group.

Deb and I have been talking this week about how different our lives were back in Texas.  We had a routine that came with certain expectations for work, dinner, weekends.  It was a nice time:)  If anyone is considering a similar move to a foreign country with a family, you’d best have an incredible wife and strong marriage.  The continuous change of plans causes you to feel like you are spinning in circles without any forward progress.  Frustration leads to apathy, and that is a dangerous quality for any of us, but especially if you have purposely, and voluntarily inserted yourself in a more difficult environment.  I’m happy to say though, that God has been faithful to keep our love for one-another strong, and encourage our minds with some good study material.  For years we both coasted along in our content spiritual state, that has radically changed.  Deb is daily gobbling up podcasts and challenging theological topics, while I’m reading, yes, reading some great books that have awaken an appetite for truth I didn’t know I could have.  I’m discontented with seaming contradictions, and tired of an apologetic-less philosophy toward evangelism.  The world needs answers, either we have them, or we don’t.  If we have them, we share them.  I’m engaging unbelieving friends and it’s been very rewarding.  If we understand what we believe, it really helps us communicate it well.  If we are sincerely convinced, our passion level is conveyed through our conversations and adds to the impact.  I want to be an informed, passionate, and humble communicator of the gospel!

The theme this month in our home group and in my life has been 1 Pet 3:15

“But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”

If anything I said resignates with you, check out this ministry  Go to the radio broadcasts under the Resources section, and listen to some.  Though many of the topics may fly right over your head initially, I think you’ll find using your brain again in your Christian thinking incredibly satisfying.  The world is asking very direct questions, and they are increasing in volume.  We can stick our collective heads in the sand or ‘stand firm in the faith’ as prepared responders.

Here is my ‘toothless wonder’ Tucker.  He is a special kid, strong willed but a quiet communicator.  He lost both of his front teeth within 2 days, both times asking me to pull them… eek.


And a tractor up the road from us parked in a field.   I feel like I’m back in Canada with all the farming going on.  Funny thing is, I used to drive these tractors (newer, and bigger!) when I was Broderic’s age, but here you’d need a full degree and special documents to get inside that old Soviet rust bucket..


Leave some comments, tell us how you are doing!

bruce & deb


  1. Uncle Danny

    I do think and pray for your family and thank the Lord for your commitment to serve him. The Lord calls all His children to work for Him but, sadly, few neither listen or obey. I too am “tired of an apologetic-less philosophy toward evangelism.” Indeed the world needs answers especially in this perilous time in which we live. If Christians would become more knowledgeable about Christ and His Word and be bold in their speech and actions then they would be giving a dying world answers. Pastoring here in PEI people generally are apathetic, indifferent and enjoy the status quo. Sad.

  2. Bruce

    Great to hear from you Uncle Danny. Keep fighting the war against apathy! Marginal Christianity, I think, is our greatest enemy in the church. Hi to family!

  3. Dave

    Bruce! I just heard we’re going to be seeing you in a couple weeks. I’m excited!

    What are you reading and can I get a copy? You sent me the names of a couple books you’re reading, but I’ve misplaced it (read, deleted the e-mail).

    Hey, just to check in, things are great here. I’m glad Dana and I had you guys to hang out with the first few years of our marriage. You guys and the strength of your marriage have been a blessing to us.

  4. cassie

    I’m so, so excited about you guys coming! Hope I will get a chance to at least glimpse you guys…I’m sure it will be a whirlwind. I’ll have to restrain myself from dogging your every step.

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