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Tuesday, August 25th

Video Greeting!

Busy week, I’ll share mostly with pictures!


[ Deb and I at Andrei’s birthday party, northeast of Kiev, it was also Indendance Day ]

During our 2.5hr drive to the party, we came across 3 fatal car accidents.  2 of the wrecks literally had bodies on display from the accident.  This being Ukarine and the amount of alcohol consumed on a regular basis (especially holidays), the accidents weren’t a surprise, but the lack of prompt emergency assistance was truly sobering.  Who knows how many lives are lost because of the inefficient and outdated systems here.  The kids were given real life examples of what happens when you drive like a maniac under the influence of alcohol.  I was very thankful we made it home safely, and didn’t hit any of stumbling hitchhikers on the way.

On a positive note, remember Dema our friend that was diagnosed with terminal cancer last year?  He was at the birthday with his wife and kids.  He looks great.  The doctors have told him the cancer is not growing, and they believe (much to their disbelief) he is going to be fine.  We are praising God with him, and he sends his appreciation to those that joined in prayer for him.


[ After eating, the group headed off to the woods for a game of soccer.. pronounced ‘fuutball’, it made for quite an obstacle course.. that’s Broderic in front of me, and tucker with the red pants. ]


[ On Saturday I went with Alyosha to my first ‘AutoBazaar”, where literally 100’s of people show up, sit in their cars (or sleep) and wait for someone to come and inquire.  It was pretty interesting, sort of like an auto trader in real life.  Alyosha found and bought his first car, I was pretty excited for him.. and glad that he can now go to the hardware store without me! ] 


[ All church meeting this weekend, we weren’t allowed to rent the normal hall, but we were given this old theatre/disco place, it was smaller, darker, a bit smelly, but it worked out really well.  Jon on stage posing with his air guitar, and Broderic setting up the mics. ]


[ Cheryl, Sveta and our friend from the city social services department.. can’t remember her name… inviting the kids for tomorrow handicapped day camp.   Cheryl and Sveta have been preparing all week for this day, they have horse rides lined up, food, a movie, and a solid crew of volunteers from the church ready to make this day a special one.  Pray for the kids and the parents that come, that they would be blessed and God honored with our efforts… Oh, and please pray for safety.. I tried to convince the city they needed a liability waiver form signed from the parents (silly westerner!) but they replied, “But, you ARE responsible if anything happens, who else would be?”…  whoa horsey! ]

Till next time-



  1. nana

    Great video, you’ll have to do that more often (you look tired). It still looks hot there? Wish I was there to help with your children’s day. 5 more sleeps!

  2. Merryl

    So wonderful to hear your voice Mr. Bruce – miss you all so much. Dumpy looks well fed and contented now, so glad she has a good home.
    Luv you guys 🙂

  3. Lorrie

    Okay, I can’t resist…”Whoa horsey?” !!!

  4. Lorrie

    do they have washrooms at the live auto traders?

  5. Lorrie

    everyone’s always so nice to you, good thing you have a sister. 🙂

  6. Jodie

    Love love love Clark and Noah Batmen. Did you know these were posted? So cute that Clark lost the bad guys and Noah just repeats everything you say. hehe 🙂

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