IMG_3801Zhenya and his team from Kiev are down this week serving those most in need with free garden cultivation.  Beautiful weather and grateful recipients – so far we’ve helped a few soldiers, and elderly who don’t have family to do the heavier work.  Gardens are not just a hobby here, they are life – especially for pensioners who literally survive from what they are able to grow.

IMG_3806One grandfather was especially thankful – his son is serving in the army and he is watching his two grand kids by himself.  Additionally, several area believers were blessed from the tractor today.

Thankful for last night.  The college up the street that closed for 2 weeks has re-opened.  I’m not sure if they received funds for their electricity/gas but students are trickling back – several of the boys we’ve missed that have been coming on Wednesday nights to Club 180 returned – it was sweet to hug them and see their faces.   It was nice to join some of the previous students with some new ones from the past month.

I shared on the Kingdom war, no middle ground, the human heart is the battleground.  The only way to be transferred into the eternal Kingdom through Jesus Christ and faith in Him alone.  The gospel is so simple, so amazing.  I pray these students receive His word deep in their hearts and are conquered by the one true King!   Pray with us for that!

We are starting to plan a special trip to Minsk to join our friends there for a very cool event on May 20.  We will be taking, Lord willing, a handful of the youth we’ve been investing into, as well as our entire family.   Please pray for this with us, a lot of details to discover and decide upon – especially for those under 18 leaving the country.

Bruce & Deb