Stories in the Missional Journey of Bruce & Deborah Crowe

To there and back…

Deb, Broderic and I have returned from a whirlwind tour to Texas and Louisiana.  We were encouraged and energized by the love and support we felt. 

Random highlights include:

– Speaking at LifePurpose high school conference (no translation!)
– Eating Shipley’s Donuts for breakfast.
– English speaking people everywhere we went!
– Chinese Food at PF Chang’s in New Orleans, thank you!
– The look on Deb’s face when she entered Hobby Lobby.
– Seeing our old friends the Matt & Paula, Hrabovski’s, Keith.
– Worship & Fellowship with our church family at Crossroads.
– Family Day at the farm, meeting new friends and catching up with old.
– Deb’s time with Tracy, Dana and Stephanie. 
(Thank you Tracy for the chauffeur service!)
– Healthy debate and sharpening with Bo.
– The little time I was able to spend at Cypress with my friends.

[broderic dreams he’s surrounded by 20 Jews]

[not a lot of time to catch up with my old friends]

[Hunter, Justin, Andrew, Coy and Jon, before food]

[Mayor Parker hands me a hand carved oil field worker to give to RZ Mayor]

[we tried our best to fatten broderic up]

[the little things we miss the most… freshly made donuts!]

[i’d say ‘old friend’ but Paula would get upset, so ‘special friend’]

Staff Meeting (we were listening Matt, truly!)

Worship Service Clip

For our Ukrainian friends, this is a store!

Look forward to a weekend to catch our breath.  We have several projects/items we’re dealing with here in Ukraine we need to jump back into, please pray for:

A) Building Projects- we are 75% finished one housing project, and need to get started on the next one which needs to be completed by March/April.  One of the college students working for us just lost his father last week, pray for wisdom to show their family care/love, they are not believers from what I know.

B) Charity Registration- Svetlana has been gathering documents and progressing this along, but it could be another 1-2 months before complete.  Pray for wisdom with developing our statutes, which essentially governs what we are legally obligated to do (or not do).  This charity will be what we use for operating in partnership with the City (like for special needs children outreach) and potentially other more public humanitarian/christian projects or events.

C) Mission Teams- we have a few churches requesting dates/projects next summer to get involved with.  Pray for direction as leaders discuss and co-ordinate the best use of time and resources. 

D) Family- Deb and I returned with a desire to get back into Russian language study, which means we need to better schedule our days/weeks.  Pray for us, that we would be able to trim back those things we have become too extended or busy with, and prioritize the right things.   Also prayer would be appreciated for our kids schooling, we have some new ideas and curriculum to order, it would be wonderful to stick to something for a season.. I think that is called a routine..:)

We love you all, and encourage you to email us your prayer requests/updates as well, stay close!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. stephanie

    It was so good to see you all. 🙂 I hope the transition going back home rides out well.

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