1950's Radiation Machine - X-Ray in our town.

1950’s Radiation Machine aka. X-Ray

Today I needed an x-ray to prove that I don’t have Tuberculosis.  I usually go to Kiev for such medical requirements as our local hospital is something you try to avoid.  But, I went for it!  Amazingly, I was registered and standing in this bad boy in less than 10 minutes.  The x-ray technician was a warm elderly lady, and she found my hesitation quite amusing.

“We’re not part of the EU yet” she joked as I asked if I could take a photo of the time machine I had to step into.  She told me to strip down.  I asked if I could wear a led coat or something.. she smiled, “It’s over quickly, you’ll be fine.”  Door shuts, and I hear Dema laughing out loud as I peek thru the little window.  “Be sure to hold your breath until it’s over!”

I took courage knowing her plants she had spread around the room were growing fine – albeit in rather odd shapes.

Natasha Yevtoshenko has been helping shop for the clothing purchases at the school.  She's a big blessing!

Natasha Yevtoshenko has been helping shop for the clothing purchases at the school. She’s a big blessing!

We took measurements of the kids at Kuzmensi today, to supply them with each a set of dress clothes for school.  Unlike the west, they take very seriously looking sharp on certain days of the year.  The kids lost everything in the fire, so we were happy to be able to help with remaining funds raised.

We also were able to hire Vova our friend to install these wardrobe/closet things in their foyer.

We have begun talking to the director of region for orphanage/foster care.  She is in Khargalyk and we are hoping to get permission to take some of the kids away for the weekend – I’ve had on my heart for a few weeks one boy in particular names Yura.  His only living family is his mother, who lost her ‘parental rights’.  No father, no grandparents or aunts, uncles.  He’s a boy I entrust to take care of things when we visit – and is a classmate of Tuckers.  Pray we are able to invest more into his life, if the Lord sees this as wise.

photo 2Today’s Cafe inspection was postponed until tomorrow – hopefully we are ready!

Natasha (who’s husband is in army as cook) has been working hard to prepare documents and has to routinely take public buses to various towns.  It doesn’t sound that bad, but these buses have no air conditioning and they are VERY hot and often over crowded.  Everyone is paying a price to see this Cafe thru to opening!

Bruce & Deb