This is a picture from today.  The tractor delivering sand (to mix with rock and make concrete) was stuck in the snow.  Neil, together with a few other guys were digging it out.  I thought of the irony, from Broadway to RZ Ukraine, shoveling a tractor out of the snow:)


Work has begun on their house this week, pouring the basement floor in preparation for their container.  How the container will actually get down to their house, will be interesting!  The other house we built for the notary is complete, except for some bathroom and kitchen tiling which was added as extra.  It will be wonderful to have only one house project going.

We just found out that the registration rules for staying here have changed once again.  I have permission to stay basically 6 months at a time.  However, because I exited the country last October, they are penalizing me and now I have to go to court and pay a fine.  At that point, I will then have to get 6 month permission again BUT not allowed to leave the country or I will again be required to repeat the whole procedure.  This may not sound like a big deal, but I ask you to pray for us.  Our vehicle, possessions, and family are all tied to these registrations and it could really cause problems if this isn’t figured out.  They are changing rules every time we go to renew our stay, making it harder.

I share this Sunday at the “All Church” meeting.  The topic is the resurrection and I pray God is glorified and the people encouraged!

Bruce & Deb