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Thursday, April 22

[Brent looking suave while Broderic poses at a skate park in Kiev]

Random Bullet Update:

  • If we can find a Ukrainian citizen that would give up their privitization, they City will donate a block of land by the school. The only other way to buy city owned property is through auction, and not ONE has successfully made it through the courts.  Still looking at some private properties, one is $250k if anyone of you have some loose change around?
  • Neil’s container(s) have arrived, our house is packed with boxes.  Only $1000 ‘payment’ needed at customs to allow it in for 1 yr.
  • Neil & Noline have been stuck in England for 2 weeks from this volcano cloud.  They hopefully return Saturday, we really miss him in the kitchen.
  • There are at present 9 Ukrainians employed by our unofficial construction company, plus 2 sub-contracted on another house.
  • Got the new van registered and Tom/Dan legally driving it, at least for 3 months until we have to do it all over again (permanently).
  • Simeon & Asia return next Wednesday with their new little bundle Amelia, and mom in law.  Van pick up!
  • Tom took the new van to Kiev this morning with the director of the Kuzmencia school/orphanage, to pick up humanitarian aid.  They did not have any transportation.
  • Next week last Home Group until the fall.  We are going to host a monthly ‘event’ night at our house, BBQ, music, invite neighbors and non-church folks.. build more relationships in the community!
  • Our spring newsletter is out, those in US/Canada should see them on shelves near you, grab one, Deb wrote it:)
  • Bronwyn is excelling at piano lessons, her hands now officially move faster than mine, how unfair!
  • Cypress is about to undergo some major server migrations, going to cloud based hosting, very cool stuff (for the techies out there).
  • It is very muddy at the moment, I actually got my SUV stuck beside my house, from snow to mud.
  • We just wrapped up studying various characteristics of God.  Everyone (except for one kiwi:) did a great job studying and sharing on their topic, it was great to relax and listen.
  • We have 25 young men and women committed to Passion Conference in Kiev.  What is cool about this, is that most (15) of these are unbelievers or at least, non-church going students from English club, and friends of friends.  Pray with us May 10th!!
  • Jono needs a boat motor, his is fried.  Without it, Camp 120 transportation/logistics become very difficult.  Donate towards it, and I’ll pass it on!
  • Another couple is moving to RZ.. Shane and Jemimah from Australia are getting married, and coming over in August for a year.
  • Sergei and Tanya, and Sergei and Lesya need a place to live.   Add to the list, Shane and Jemimah.  Can God do it?  Let’s join them in prayer regularly until He does:)
  • Special Needs outreach in town (led by Cheryl & Sveta) is this coming Saturday.  Last time only one family came, pray they all come out again, a lot of effort and planning go into these outreaches.
  • Deb & I will be sharing at a marriage conference this September (we think) in Ireland.  More details later, but pretty neat opportunity to share to young marrieds.
  • Some neat open doors for sharing concept of Missions Network through Christian TV/Radio in Europe.  More on this later too!
  • Bo, Beth and Brady Bolding are scheduled to come end of July.  We are terribly excited about this and hope to plan a small leaders retreat for missionaries and church leaders in area.   They will be an encouragement to us and our friends.I think that is about it for now!  A few pics of the kids for family, we miss you 🙁

[Brent at the door of the store, entering on his own, he came out with exactly what I asked for!  две белые хлеб – two white bread]

[Tucker and Clark hanging out in the toddler play area, park in Kiev, they were selling burgers and charging top dollar]

Bruce & Deb

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