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Three Teens

Sorry Brent, Abigail is still the cute one in our family - she was the gift presenter.

Sorry Brent, Abigail is still the cute one in our family – she was the gift presenter.

Teenagers are slowly taking over our home.  Yesterday Brent joined the ranks of the Broderic and Bronwyn.  Here’s a few shots of him opening some presents.

His prize possession, a skateboard from his visiting grandparents from Colorado.  They’ve been getting into skating for the past year – the group of them turn heads as they wheel past, especially downtown.

The younger bro's looking on.

The younger bro’s looking on.

Enjoyed a day off on Monday with the Cafe closed.  Feels like it’s been non-stop for the past few weeks with my trip to Russia and the Cafe launching.  God has blessed us with some more connections/vendors to continue adding more selection.  The main, complaint is that we don’t have anything to really eat besides desserts.  This week we will be adding hot dogs and I bought a panini grill – we need some meat!

Pray for us this week as I believe the Lord has opened a connection as well for the gospel in the little village of Kuzmenci, where our younger kids go to school.  It’s been 2 years of investing into some relationships there, mostly at the school.  It’s an extremely poor standard of living even compared to our town only 5 minutes away.  Very small, poorly heated houses.  We have met a single mom who is a believer, recently divorced, and plan to help her chop some wood this week and build her a few shelves.

May the Lord continue to direct.  Thanks for praying out there!  Last night Deb had several contractions.. the warning signs to make sure there is gas in the car!

Bruce & Deb

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  1. mom

    Oh my goodness, its like looking at a younger you when I see that picture of brent. Abbey is so sweet looking on. Love you guys…

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