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The Heat is on!

This week Ukraine was hit was a major heat wave, upper 90’s for 3 days straight. Today is back down in the 80s and feels like a dream! Without AC it gets pretty tough. The kids were running around in their undies, we were crowding down in the basement among the in laws and their boxes:) Speaking of Neil & Noline, their house is nearing completion, however will be another month before they can move in. It has been slow going because they added an extension and studio for painting, it will be gorgeous when finished and the extra space will be a blessing to the increasing amount of visitors and groups that will be partnering with us in RZ (construction teams etc.).

I told myself I would keep this short, I’ve got a staff meeting coming up and draft floor plan concepts for the family center waiting to be rendered to scale. Andy & Drew Farrell are in Ukraine now, we will meet up with them next weekend and they will come back to RZ for a 2 day visit before returning to the camp they are serving in. Brent and Tucker will be attending the 2nd week of camp, how cool is that… we’ll have Andy there to watch out for them (or protect the others from them).

Family is doing well, Deb has started a new series of curriculum for the kids. The added schedule for the summer will be nice to keep things from going totally wild around here. We have a permanent fixture of neighborhood kids at our house, they’ve become pretty independent of our own kids. We’ve had several interesting stories with them, from minor theft to abuse of our property, all of which has worked out for God’s glory I think. I’ve had the opportunity to be strict with them, but in love and fairness. When one of them abuses the privilege we are giving them, they all suffer (had to take away the trampoline a few times) and that seems to be working out. Putting healthy group pressure toward honesty and mutual respect.. there’s a few sneaky characters still among them, but for the most part they are really great kids who love to hang out and jump/play and ask for cookies, ice cream, or anything else we offer. Don’t feed the animals! Our little kids ATV we brought over was holding up well until we blew a tire, and a chain last week. It’s in need of some attention right now but it’s too hot.. it’s another attraction that has the kids here in a line up when it’s running. Our most effective and natural influence here, I think, is to these kids, they literally watch in our windows when we sit to eat, interact as a family, we believe some will come to Christ, by God’s grace, and these seeds will be a part of their eternal history.

Thanks for checking in, no news on the property documents yet, keep praying with us for God’s will to be known through all of this and for finances, this is such a big step of faith that for some may look easy, but it’s not!


Bruce & Deb


  1. mom

    you have my sympathy with the heat and no air, that’s as bad as no heat and cold in the winter! not sure which is worse! counting the weeks…love…mom

  2. Jon

    Thanks for the update Bruce. Hopefully you can get those kids in line. You consider a neighborhood youth hockey team for the winter season?

  3. mom

    Whats the first crop picture of?

  4. Bruce

    I was hoping you would tell me.. i don’t know what it is.. large leaf.. sunflowers? I just checked google and they look like sunflowers yep.

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