Minsk Bible Students and Leaders Coming in 3 Weeks!

Minsk Bible Students planning to visit Lighthouse in November!

During the week of November 6-12, we have invited a class of Bible College students from Minsk.  They will be continuing classes while here, interacting with students and participating in some projects with us.  We are really excited about this opportunity!

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The students will be staying the week with us as they get to experience firsthand life in rural Ukraine and our ministry.  I’ll be teaching in the mornings through the Gospel of John, and we’ll be inviting some friends from Kiev and other missionaries to share their experiences with the students.

This is not only a cool experience for us to host young men and women dedicated to serving Jesus in the former Soviet Union, but a very neat opportunity for the students themselves.   I believe it will be a highlight of their school year and a wonderful investment into their lives outside of a traditional classroom.

It will also be amazing for the students we are reaching for Christ to interact closely with a generation that is literally living for God.

The challenge, as usual are finances.  The students can not afford this – they live on a food budget of $13 per week and the trip was inserted at our request.  The school can’t afford this because they offer the course for at no charge to the students and operate fully by faith in the similarly depressed economic conditions of Belarus.

It’s part of our vision to raise up and send out and will be so cool to have a bible school operating here for a week!

We have invited the team and agreed to sponsor the 14 bus tickets needed.  They are $40 each, and will total $560.  The bus ride is over +12hrs each way.  If you would like to invest with us and sponsor a ticket or two, we’d appreciate it!

We will be additionally helping to feed and bring in some speakers for the week, so anything contributed will go towards this effort.  This is a solid investment into hungry hearts.

Think about it.. we are sending 14 young people on a week mission trip for less than $600.   Cool.

Sponsor Student Travel and Food With Us!  – Click to Donate