We are privileged to be a part of the body of Christ at Crossroads Church in Longview, Texas. They’ve been incredibly supporting over the years, both to the vision God put in our hearts for the former Soviet Union, and in all the practical things that help that vision come to life.

This past Sunday during their service we Skyped in from the Cafe. They took an offering towards the Dishes, Utensils, Cookware and other kitchen type things we need. They raised $2,100! Earlier that week, we had investigated the costs in Kiev and figured we needed $2,000.. how cool is that?

In addition to now having the funds to furnish out the kitchen, someone is going to donate toward the dishwasher, the last major appliance we needed to buy.

Here’s a message on Ephesians from Bo Bolding, our pastor at Crossroads just after our Skype for anyone that needs encouragement.  We are part of a glorious universal plan called the Church!

We’re still a bit short on the tables and chairs but I’ve been researching options in Kiev and going to visit a few places next week to try and get things started. It seemed only a month ago that we were stuck, and things weren’t going to be ready for opening before the end of the year. With the flurry of giving and support we’re now energized and encouraged to open this place for the soon coming cold months.

Still some more document needs outstanding before we can officially open to the public and sell things, but we are getting closer to functioning as a real pizza cafe!!

As a side note, remember I talked about the request to hoist up a banner on the Cafe for Klitchko’s political party? Sergei informed me the other day it was probably a good thing we decided not to. The mayor was going around this past week ordering the signs down.. there are no more signs in our town for the opposition party.  Now that’s a fair election!

Thanks to the Mom as well who left this morning. She cooked like a maniac, cleaned like a superhero, and loved on us all like only a Mom can. We love you, please come back! 🙂