Left to Right
Sasha, Bruce, Andrei, Peter, Rafael, and Alexander. 

Dan is taking the picture.

This is a picture from tonight, the pastors/leaders in our town are now gathering once a week for a time of sharing/praying.  This is extremely rare, and God’s hand is in this.  There’s a sincere belief among the group that God is directing us to pray, and believe Him for a time of harvest.  The best part is, nobody is really leading it, and there isn’t an agenda (as much as some of us want one!) besides trusting God for the next steps. 

We are meeting again next week, then the following week at Dan’s for a time with our wives and a meal.  It’s difficult to communicate how neat this is, and the sobriety in my heart that God toward the responsibility that may follow.  These men care about this town, and together, although we’re still a small minority (less than 2% of the population), we’re God’s church, one body perhaps like never before.  I’m excited to see how this trickles down to the believers in each church, and the momentum and faith it could bring to each congregation.  We’re talking about doing something together for easter.

All for now.  Still waiting on a response to the land/property request.  We’ve asked that they let us know in the next week.

Today the kids donated some items they collected for an orphanage nearby.  Some friends from Khargalyk visit this particular orphanage and my heart longs to eventually get involved in this sort of thing.  The conditions of some of these orphanages will break your heart, and the opportunities to bring hope and help are endless.  We look forward to helping connect some of you to this sort of ministry as well.

In two weeks Art Bradshaw will be leading an informational meeting for all interested in the upcoming July 2-10 outreach here.  We currently have 10-12 people interested, and hope that all will come to this meeting if you are interested in learning more, grab an application etc.  If you are unsure if your name is on that list of invited (we’ll be emailing you the date/time/place), please email me bruce@liftupyoureyes.org and we’ll be sure to include you.

Bruce & Deb