Taste of Ukrainian Worship

From Sunday, July 26th – All Church Gathering in our village of Rzshyschiv.


Clark posing with our sweetcorn. Deb’s ‘organic’ corn is pathetic and unworthy of a photo, however my genetically modified Texas sweetcorn is thriving amongst the weeds. Now to keep the kids paws off the precious developing ears… They only grow cow corn here, and they actually eat it too. We bought some thinking it was sweetcorn last summer, brought it home, boiled it, butter’d and salted… sat down with the family and… rejoiced that we had a can of corn in the pantry. To all missionary friends in the area, if we catch you in our garden, we will shoot.

On a more serious note, we appreciate your prayers this week as we have several decisions to make both for family and ministry. 


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