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Help us give every ‘Awaken’ student a free t-shirt!

We need to raise $400, in the next 24hrs?  Can you help?  The Awaken workshops are going great.  We have +50 students attending, many coming early and to multiple classes.  The other day I felt we needed to bless the students with something meaningful that would continue to remind and inspire them to be creative, and look to the Creator.   We are cash strapped with the running of the Cafe, so we’d love your help!

For anyone that donates over $40, we’ll send you a shirt (if you want one!), how’s that for incentive?!  Just tell me your size (M, L, XL) when you give.

Donate by clicking here

I know it’s not ultra important, and I could list a dozen more pressing budgetary items I should be trying to fundraise for, but I would love to order these for our closing event on the 14th.  These will not be wasted shirts, they will be embraced and worn in schools, and around town for years to come, and direct folks to the Lighthouse facebook page as a hub and center of continued inspiring activity.

Each shirt costs about $7.00 – we will order Lord willing enough for the students and team that has come to serve/teach the classes.

Donate by clicking here