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T-minus 5

5 days and we’ll be back in Ukraine, assuming they let us in! Our ‘extended’ stay has been really nice, but it’s time to get back to regularly scheduled programming. This past week the cafe nights had their largest student turn-out, around 80 showed up and almost half of them responded to the message by standing and wanting to take the next step with God.

Pray with us about finding and using the best discipleship material (not a lot translated into Ukrainian or Russian). I plan to start a study on the gospel of John when we get back and it would be good to have a few options lined and people trained to do more personal level discipleship into the spring and summer.

Sergei and Tanya return with their family this week, after being in Australian for the past 3yrs (or so?). They will be an immediate blessing and help in the discipleship department as well, praise God for taking care of His church.

On a side note, here’s my dad’s YouTube farm update my brother Trevor created quickly last weekend. My dad says it’s going viral, but doesn’t know what that means:)

Thanks for checking in-
Bruce & Deb


  1. Connie

    AWESOME Video. I was amazed at the precision of the harvester, and the knowledge of the farmer as he watched over his harvest. Very cool. Thanks for sharing. Your Dad is cool. 😉

  2. Katie Abbot

    Have you heard of Tomorrow Clubs? They are always talking about sponsoring a Tomorrow Club in Ukraine on Wretched Radio (super awesome, by the way – used to be Way of the Master Radio). I don’t think they’re doing exactly what you’re doing, BUT since the ministry is in Ukraine, they might have resources that could help you too! =) They are preaching salvation by faith/repentance. No “ask Jesus into your heart and your problems will be fixed” fluffiness. So I think they’d be a pretty good source! =)

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