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Sunday, September 8


We’re leaving for Texas in the morning.  A few shots from today.  Sergei above is talented musician/student and comes from a Christian family – a real rarity among students and a wonderful example from what I’ve seen.  He’s playing and signing to the group.

Shane and Jemimah, an Australian couple here will be matching our 6 kids while we travel this week.  Hope they still want to have kids after we return!  Really looking forward to seeing our eldest son Broderic in a few days.  Praying he passes his DL on Friday.. if not, could be up to a year before back in Texas for it – no pressure my son!

Looking forward to several things next week.  Deb and I will be sharing on discipleship (focusing on ‘the home’) on Wednesday to our home church Crossroads.  Then Thursday night we’re hosting a supporters dinner – our first ‘official’ gathering with those that have prayed, financially and logistically supported our family the past 5 yrs.  We’ll be casting some vision for the next 5yrs and praying more hearts connect with us.

Lastly will be working with our team at Cypress and EDsuite.  Many changes happening there, praying for wisdom and God’s clear direction as we chart a course for the near future – it’s been 10yrs since God challenged me to step out and trust Him, starting a business although my heart was to go to Russia – Amazing how God works all things together.

If you are reading this from Texas – we look forward to seeing you!  If you are reading from Canada, we are sorry we aren’t stopping in, we love and miss you 🙁  If you are reading from Ukraine, we’re going to eat something yummy just for you!

Bruce & Deb



  1. Andrew

    Discipleship is definitely where He has our hearts as well. Excited for Broderic, he will do great. Have a great trip!

  2. Tim Schwab

    Keep up the Great effort there in Ukraine.It is not for the faint of heart and you have shown great faith .Enjoy the USA

  3. Autumn Miller

    Your family is growing & beautiful! Best wishes to you for your travels.

  4. TED

    You forgot to mention and those of us reading this in colorado. I am not the only one you know. 🙂

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