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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Boyz in da Zoo.

Clark and Noah wanted to stick their heads in there.T

Weather here has been amazing.  Love the spring in Ukraine.  Bright green and yellow fields, flowers in blossom, gardens freshly tilled.  Even the Dnepr River looks clean – just don’t look too close!

Thank you for praying for us this week.  We have returned from a quick 2 day trip to Poland for visas.  Deb received a 6 month visa, I didn’t bother spending the money as I get 90 days for free with a stamp at the border and hoping my permanent residence completes before then.  Really need that residency, have several things pending including my vehicle registration and Cafe about to open – pray the OVIR will do their job and process it, we’ve done 100% legally and they continue to drag their heels and come up with excuses.  In August it will have been a year that we started the process, there will be a big party at our house when it finishes!

Yesterday we took the kids (minus Bronwyn) to the Kiev Zoo.  It’s quite a sad zoo, notorious for the poor conditions the animals are kept in, but some wide open spaces to walk around and educational for the kids, especially the little ones.

Enjoying a day at the zoo - what a cute wife!

By the time we were finished, we had seen every character from the movie Madagascar and Bird from Angry Birds.  Interesting how the little ones reference from films and games.. shows us how many animal cartoon movies have been produced in the past 10yrs, even I envisioned Melman the Giraffe and that scary Peacock from Kung Fu Panda.
We are continuing to pray and consider moving our main church service downtown this fall.  Pray for Dan and I as we meet this week to talk about this some more.  I have some reservations and concerns, yet I also believe it’s time for real change and for His people to get out of the proverbial comfort zone and trust Him.

We are getting ready to finish the gospel of John over the next 2 Wednesdays.  We’ve finished the crucifixion and now the final stretch.  I’m planning to take a break for a few weeks and then start a study on a smaller book this summer.  I want to keep studying personally like this, it’s challenging and I’ve grown a lot from the John study and I hope the church has as well – God’s Word is life to our hungry souls!

Kitchen brick walls going up in Cafe.

For the past month the Cafe has not progressed much.  We are still waiting on some documents to finish the Gas which will connect the Pizza oven.   We’re also out of money, needing chairs and tables to finish the dining room area as well as kitchen cutlery/dishes etc.  We have been keeping Alyosha and Vitalik working as best we can, but we will have to lay them off for a while until more funds are available starting next week.   We need a miracle – so pray with us!

Thanks for checking in –

Bruce & Deb

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  1. Kevin Shelley

    I’m praying to hear about that party at your house Bruce. Thanks for the faithful updates. I think I’ve read nearly all of them.

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