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Sunday, June 16


This is the main big room on the 2nd floor.

This is the main big room on the 2nd floor.

Business Progress Report

  • We received the “Private Business Registration” documents last week.  This was a process that was fairly easy, and inexpensive thankfully!  It allows me to personally sell goods and services related to the Cafe, however it not related to the actual property which still needs a few more documents.
  • We’re still waiting on the final permit to use the facility legally for business.  We’ve paid a firm to complete this for us, and they are now asking for more money as the laws have changed and more documents are needed.  We have agreed to the costs but no word on completion.
  • We have received a donation towards the purchase of wood/material for our deck.  This will greatly enhance the view from the street and advertise the business.  We are aiming to have this built for our grand opening in September.
  • Speaking of Grand Opening, we’re making plans to host a group from Texas (Crossroads and Cypress) for the opening.  Pray for this with us, a lot of details to iron out!
  • Been working a lot on the 2nd Floor over the last month.  We’ve laid floor, textured walls and completion most of the electrical.  Not only do we have an office completed now, but after this week we’ll have 2 more, and a nice big multi-purpose room.
  • Dema is coming on full time as my assistant this coming week.  He’ll be helping us with documents, Kiev trips, translation with vendors, and I think many more things!
  • We’re meeting this week with some programmers to finalize the starting guys we’ll hire to open our development office here.  It will start doing mostly training, and smaller ministry / side projects.  It’s my hope that we can sustain the guys with some work, but also help our Texas guys move faster in projects.  Our plan will be to open that July 1 or sooner.
  • Still need Gas, Fire Permit, and Electric documents – all hinging on those property final permits but ready to progress.


Family Report

  • Brent, Tucker and Clark each went to Summer Camp (Missionary Kids from Kiev Region).  They loved meeting new friends, from around the world.  Neat how God calls folks from every nation, to every nation.  They have funny stories about their Korean friends.
  • Broderic and Bronwyn are off to the same camp next week.
  • Deb spent several days recently at the police, and regional hospital.  We had a difficult time providing several documents for our permanent residency.  As you know I have it, but now Deb and kids are going through the same process.  Thankfully all the documents are finally in Kiev, but probably still another 2-3 months of waiting – hopefully no more documents needed, it was getting pretty expensive.
  • Driving around with Broderic a bit, getting him some practice.  Our plan will be to visit sometime this fall / winter to Texas to get his full license.  Interesting as he learns the strict rules of the road with the online course, but then doesn’t see hardly any rules when on the road here – it’s a free for all and quite dangerous for a beginner.
  • Abbey is walking, but not running.  She waddle everywhere.  Last night she fell down the Gollans outdoor concrete steps.. fortunately only tumbling down the last couple – but she’s got a few bumps and scrapes on her cute chubby face.


Ministry Report

  • What is ministry?  Is it not the life we live?  The love we give?  The words we speak?  The needs we meet?
  • We’ve been working through some challenges the past few months, personally and in our family.  Times of testing, but thankfully God has the victory, and has strengthened our faith when we’ve come to Him.  I’m beginning to think the most important virtue in the Christian life is endurance.   Sure we need love, we need faith, we need grace – but if we don’t persevere, those things won’t matter.  God wants to shape us and make us a people that get up when pushed down.  Who stand firm when life hurls its stuff.  When the forceful waves come pounding against the shore of your heart, sometimes we can’t help but fall and reveal the weakness in our hearts.  Getting back up is hard, knowing there are more waves to come- but next time you’ll be stronger, and you’ll be more prepared.  Through Jesus we can come through storms and stand against the waves.

Thanks for checking in – remember its not about the stuff we do, but the One we know, and has made Himself known to us!  The Lord bless you and keep you-





  1. Merryl Squair

    Wonderful update Bruce, thank you. Abby is a perfect little doll, cannot believe that she is now walking 🙂

  2. jean coffman

    I appreciate your update. I know there is a lot more that goes on that you can’t take the time to tell but this gives us enough to pray about. Our dependence on Him is obvious whether in the Ukraine or US. That is a good thing! Scary sometimes but better than knowing we only have ourselves to depend on.

  3. mom

    So enjoy reading the updates. Glad to hear your bringing a helper on board. Enjoy the summer with the kids and pray everything comes together for opening. Hope to see you one way or another soon….

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