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Summer Update

Our printed newsletter, which we publish 4 x’s per year (or attempt to!) is now available:

Click here to read it online (PDF)

We’ve printed the posters as well for the July Business Seminar we are hosting with our friends from Texas.  You can take a look at it by Clicking Here.  The logo at the bottom translates “Business Development Network” and is the name of the organization we’ve registered here in Ukraine.

We’ve purchased the domain “” and the guys at Cypress are working up a site which will allow individuals, churches and business to easily donate a pair(s) of shoes for the many orphans in Ukraine.  If it works, I’d love to see it expand to other areas, and even countries.  Shoes seem to be a re-ocurring necessity as we talk to those with first hand experience, and providing such a simple, but practical need can open doors and build bridges for continued involvement in orphanages.  We’ve also been in touch with some people that have expressed interest in starting a transitional home for orphans to learn practical life-skills and meeting with them this week.

Thanks for checking in – The Crowes

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  1. nana

    Received the pkg of newsletters, thankyou, will enjoy handing them out. You would know first hand about the shoes, what a good practical way to help. With the 16 grandchildren I think we should invest in a shoe store! take care, miss you–love, mom

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