Covid caused us to pause our little business idea for an entire year..but now we’re ready to go and need your help!

It’s called The Straw-Straw, a bio-degradable wheat stem drinking straw. A fun and functional plastic alternative, and better than those awful paper straws!

This has been a side project for our children to learn about business. Tucker learned how to build a website, Abigail and Noah how to assemble like factory workers (they formed a union!), Broderic & Bronwyn have product in the US and will act as our shipping and customer service!

The price is $7.00 (100 Straws)

Before we do online marketing, it’s my job to find some friends who’d be willing to order some straws so we can make sure our systems a-go.. or not! 🙂

Would you please order a package of straws from us?

Click to Visit our Website!