Well, the 3rd Lit Worship event it scheduled for this February 20-21 in the historic and gorgeous city of St. Petersburg, Russia!  Some incredible musical talent from Russia, Belarus, and US will be gathering for two evenings at well known concert venue in the heart of the city.

This week Deb, Bronwyn and I received 3yr, multi-entry visas for Russia!  Pretty excited about it.  It marks a rather large step for our family as we continue to venture where the Lord opens doors.  We took Bronwyn with us to St. Pete when she was only 15 weeks old.. 18yrs later she returns and will help sing as well at the event.  Collin’s, XDH Minsk, and we’re hoping our friend Charisah (her website) from PA will be coming to join some local bands.

The visas are quite expensive ($180/per) and child visas are the same price as adults, so we’re not quite ready to apply for everyone yet, but my hope is that we can all get them soon.

The Russian embassy was super co-operative and the kind lady behind the window actually congratulated me for having such a large family.  It’s quite a process of documents, scheduled appointments and invitation requirements, but I had a sense of joy the whole time applying.  God is moving, I want in.

Russia in February, dress in layers 🙂  A lot of preparation still to do, scouting trips, band logistics.  Please contact me if you’d like to know more.

Thank you for your support and prayers!

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Bruce & Deb