Spring is in the air, so it’s time for an update!


This week we’ve been clearing the back of the Cafe property.  We carried away two full dump trucks of garbage ranging from an old outhouse, to old wood, glass, metal and everything in between that had been buried in the back among many trees and weeds.

IMG_0342Our plans will be to rent a bulldozer (after approval from Mayor) to flatten it all out in preparation for a new fundraising campaign – Lighthouse Skatepark!

Kids are off school this week.  Made some soccer posts from old scrap metal (thanks Alyosha!) and now hunting for net.

Needing to get a few more beds and bedding for group, then meet with our team to discuss food schedule – our family size will double for 2 months!

Since returning back to Ukraine I’ve felt inspired to start visiting area churches more.   To think Kingdom first and build bridges.   So far it’s been really encouraging.  God is working in several churches, and I hope to connect with more before the team comes to see how we can encourage one another.   Language has limited us in the past to fellowship primarily with missionaries, and that has to change!  Please pray that our language would progress – it’s a daily challenge.

This past Sunday we visited the Kiev church and surprisingly they had a guest speaker, from Texas!  We all enjoyed that:)

We’re almost ready to promote and send out materials to the various schools for the creative workshops and evenings of worship/prayer.  We’ve entitled it “Awaken” and will share more about this next week so you can pray with us.

Our prayer is that our efforts at the Lighthouse would fan the flame of passion for Christ among all believers in our region, as well as engage a lot of people that are not interested in attending traditional services.

Bruce & Deb