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Some Encouragement

Everyone here has the situation in Crimea in mind.  However, life must go on and we’re pressing hard to get this Cafe open before the weather warms up.  Here’s a snapshot of activity today in a number of areas – both Natasha and Alyosha were in different towns penetrating the corruption and suffocating bureaucracy!

  • Met last night with the leaders of the Baptist Church in town.  They are planning an open-air preaching and prayer time in the center of town, during the highest traffic time at the market.  The mayor just gave approval!  This will take place Friday 8-10am!  We’ve invited Andrei Murzin our friend in Kiev to come and share what God is doing among the churches in Kiev, as well as share the gospel.   There will be several Ukrainian believers asked to pray publicly – God give boldness and let your spirit convict hearts!
  • Abbey sporting her 'back-ack' as she tags along today to the store for bread.

    Abbey sporting her ‘back-ack’ as she tags along today to the store for bread.

    Gas documents were taken to another city today for an ‘approval’ by another government office.  We were told it should cost about $75, but then it jumped to $500 today.   After more discussion, an agreed $350 was settled upon if the approval was delivered next week.

  • The Gas ‘registration course’ will cost only $50, however when we attempted to find out more information and schedule this, we were told to call back later because the man in charge was in the process of getting drunk with his friends.
  • Fire Department regional inspector has signed a document that is allowing us until the end of the year to complete some more documents.  This is a blessing as they could have fined us for a number of things (eg. not having enough fire extinguishers) which we can now address.  We have another company now coming next week to outline what we need to do.
  • Tomorrow, Broderic, Bronwyn, Deb and I have to travel to nearby town to finalize permanent residents (signatures).  We thought Broderic would have to redo his when he turns 17, but we just found out it’s 18 so a big relief we have over a year to not worry about this.
  • We are going for Debs first checkup in Kiev next week.  Here we go again!
  • This week an article will be coming out in the Picton Gazette (for those Canadian readers!).  With the crisis in Ukraine/Crimea, I was asked to share my perspective as well as a brief history on our families journey to Ukraine.  I’m really encouraged to be able to share some of that, I know half the county as I was raised there, and I’m related to the other half.

Bruce & Deb

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