We have two requests we’d like to make known.  We’re really excited about the incoming teams, and increased activity at Lighthouse Cafe this spring and summer! 

Here are two practical requests we would be excited to receive some help with.

mattress10 Beds

  • $75 per set
  • includes mattress, bed sheet, pillow and blanket
  • does not include box spring or frame (not needed)
  • these are for incoming mission teams and visitors.
  • Total $750

FullSizeRender3 Loads of Gravel

  • $100 per load, 10 ton each.
  • includes delivery and students labor to spread.
  • for temporary Cafe driveway, it’s a disaster of mud.
  • Total: $300

To donate towards something soft or hard, please click here to give securely online via Paypal (most major credit cards accepted).  We will notify folks immediately on our Blog and Facebook once these needs are met!

Thank you in advance friends and family!

Bruce & Deb