Today the workers completed the stone half-wall which will act as the Kid’s Zone perimeter.  It took 3 weeks to build, 2 weeks longer than they said, but I’m really happy with it.  It will help protect the kids and parents from the crazy flying skateboards, and provide a barrier to the parking lot.

It has however put us behind schedule nicely.. we wanted to be open Sept 1, but it’s looking more like end of the month.



The long metal piping is for an arch sign we still have to make.  You can sort of see the soon to be walkway along the side towards the asphalt pad and halfpipe which is nestled around the back left garage area.

We have spent to date $7k of the $7k raised (halfpipe, asphalt pad, dirt work, fence and Lighthouse playground equipment).  We have accomplished a lot for the amount we are working with, and it’s going to be really cool as soon as we put in the kids stuff.

However we still have a few things I think will be really important out of the gate, and with our budget spent, we’d love a few more sponsors to jump on board:

  1. The outside perimeter fence to purchase/install  ($800).  We’ve already dug the trenched, poured cement and bought the metal posts, but it will cost another $800 for the actual metal fencing, and installation.
  2. Kid’s Area Grass ($600).  We are putting stones down for the slide area, but it’s going to be muddy if we don’t get some grass in quickly.
  3. Safety Equipment ($500) – for 8 youth (knee, elbow pads and helmet). We will provide free of charge if they sign in (and take some lessons.. from Brent!)
Helmet, Elbow and Knee pads - around $50 per set. Consider helping us limit broken bones? :)

Helmet, Elbow and Knee pads – around $50 per set. Consider helping us limit broken bones? 🙂

If you would like to help us complete those items please click here, any amount would be wonderful!

The other day in Kiev I found some decent and affordable safety equipment and purchased a set.  Here is our neighbor Vladik, posing with the actual gear purchased… as he ‘drops-in’ the pipe of death.  These kids are fearless.. remember when we all lacked such wisdom?  🙂

Speaking of the half-pipe, it has already started drawing dozens of kids – and some adventurous parents.  Unfortunately we’ve had now two broken bones already, Clark our son, and now crazy Vlad.  We must start a wall of fame.

img_1641I’ve been in touch with metal sign makers in Kiev for our soon to be large posted RULES and also an insurance company for liability coverage… what have we done! 🙂  I’m also rush ordering a large tarp to cover it until the rest of the park can be completed..  last night we had around 8 skating on it, most from our Club 180 youth.

Speaking of 180, the students returned this week and we held our first gathering last night.  It was so cool to have so many returning students.  I heard a couple times how much they all missed being together  – we shared a quick update on the summer, and then from scripture, “Store up for yourselves treasures in heaven” – our eyes, especially of the envious young, are too often fixed on getting a new phone, or some temporary earthly ‘thing’.  Yet, Christ is the ultimate treasure and we would be wise to make Him or aim, here, and now!  We are believing God to raise up leaders among these young men and women in Ukraine.

Last night we started back up Club 180 - so great to have Josh Neibert here with us as well, he shared a couple songs.

Last night we started back up Club 180 – so great to have Josh Neibert here with us as well, he shared a couple songs.

Next week we will host, together with Shane & Jem and Vova the newly appointed Youth leader at the Pentecostal church a FREE PIZZA PARTY for all incoming 1st and 2nd year college students.  We head out tomorrow morning after prayer to the area colleges once again to hang posters, invite students and greet the directors/teachers.  If you read this, please pray a special prayer of blessing over this and the upcoming party – it will be quite an event again I think, we expect at least 100 and believing God to connect us all, as He sees fit to many precious young lives among our area ministries.



Thanks for checking in!

Bruce & Deborah