September 7, 2008

Hope you are all doing well out there faithful friends. We appreciate the encouraging notes and prayers, the past few weeks have been very difficult on the flesh and yet our hearts have been refreshingly encouraged…

Dan and I met with the Mayor this week, it went very well. I did an overview presentation on Kilgore, Texas. I don’t know if they were impressed more my cool presentation or the City, but they seemed excited to make things official. We are now exchanging some documents (and stamps) on the Ukraine side so they can get approval from the government here to proceed… they have a ton of policies to follow when communicating officially to any outside foreign community. Anyway, this is great news and they asked me to be ready to present to their chamber of commerce (approx 30 business owners). Also, CBS 19 in Longview/Kilgore picked up the update (sent an email update to the mayor in Kilgore) and Friday did an audio interview which aired that night on the news. So, things are moving ahead slowly but surely.

Deb’s parents arrive tomorrow for a 3 week visit. We have a wonderful list of home improvement/finishing for him, he’s quite the handy man and his skills will be put to the test:) This will mark our first family visit and the kids are very excited.

The neighborhood kids are continuing to frequent our house, I just finished kicking two young boys out of the kitchen, they come right in unannounced and we have to be strict, they don’t respect anything but a loud intimidating male voice.. I’m working on it. They are mostly all boys, ages 6-11, and Brent seems to be the leader of the pack.. it’s the funniest thing because he also seemed to have a gang back in Texas , he doesn’t come across to me as a leader but he is a confident little kid, and a bit wild.. as much as I’m praying the kids don’t negatively influence ours, I’m sure there are a few concerns from the other parents who let their kids go down to ‘the crazy american house at the end of the street.’


We’ve had a few close calls, but nothing serious so far in terms of accidents/injuries. I thank God for this because anyone visiting will soon find out there are no safety measures to be found in this country. Clark slipped on the narrow stairs to the basement the other day and was hanging by the arms.. a nice 12ft drop to the concrete floor was awaiting him but he was able to hold his weight until his sister heard the call (scream) for help and lifted him back up. I was doing a skype video call with my mother for the first time last week at our house, showing her around and all she kept saying was, “bruce you need to cover that up it’s dangerous’.. hey it’s Ukraine, a young boys dream out there, the wrong place to be if you like to worry.


Lastly, this week we ‘may’ get gas hooked up. Daniel just called and said maybe Tuesday. We’ve heard this so many times we just smile and hope for the best (occasionally want to punch something when nothing happens). This week we could also get our container, it’s in Odessa still awaiting the original registration from my vehicle, the copy supplied was not enough (about the 10th document we’ve had to supply this past week). So this week we could get my truck, our beds, and a hot shower… what will there be left to complain about!

Lastly Lastly, I just offered a job to a young lady here in RZ, she is a sweet young lady who has taught Russian to a few folks here in town. She come highly recommended, and she’s going to start next week I think. In addition to Russian, she will be my assistant for Cypress, I’m desperately needing someone to help me catch up on some work, and also with her translation skills can help me with this project we just landed in Kiev. It will be such a blessing to have someone on call through the day for things that come up like visiting the Mayors office, getting some documents for missions trips, we are going to try and find an office downtown in the next week or two, pray for that would you?

Thanks for checking in. I’ve been enjoying lately. Been able to reconnect with old highschool and bible school friends. Being over on the other side of the world has given new value to networking. It makes this site/blog seem so slow though, I told Deb I may just switch over to facebook full time for updates, that’s where everyone already IS. So if you are out there, and read these, and pray for us occasionally, would you let me know, I don’t want to keep writing if it’s only my parents (no offense mom and dad!).

“And he said unto them, ‘When ye pray, say…give us day by day our daily bread‘.” Luke 11:2-3



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